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Miscellaneous Section

The Forensic Experts in the Miscellaneous Section examine all the other kind of physical evidence which cannot be specifically classified under other disciplinary.

Activities of the Miscellaneous Section

  1. Examination of the Chassis Numbers & Engine Numbers of Vehicles in suspicious vehicles to determine whether they are authentic or forged.
  2. Log ends and stumps ends are matched in cases of theft of timber.
  3. The ends of suspected telegraph wires are matched with the ends remaining at the telegraph stouts in cases of stolen telegraph wires.
  4. The coir ends of ropes found in cases of murder by strangulation etc are matched with the coir ends of suspected ropes.
  5. The paint flakes found in a scene of accident are matched with the paint on a suspected vehicle in hit and run cases.
  6. Expert Testimony in Courts of Law.
  7. Conduct lectures to the Police Officers on Crime Investigation.

What's New

A new division was established

In 1935, a new division was established to examine forensic questioned documents, which was named as Government Questioned Document Division.

It is significant to note that the government analyst establishment was formed into a separate Government Department on July 1913. In 1940, the first Ceylonese Government Analyst Mr. W.R. Chanmugam was appointed.

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