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Narcotic Drugs Section

The Experts in the Narcotic Drugs Section Analyze and quantify the illicit drugs seized by the Police,  Narcotic Bureau or the Customs.

Activities of the Narcotic Drugs Section

  1. Analyze Narcotic Drugs and other Psychotropic Substances and issue Scientific Reports.
  2. Expert testimony in Courts of Law in support of Scientific Reports issued.
  3. Conduct lectures to the Police Officers and Excise Officers.
  4. Provide training to the Undergraduate Students of the Universities in Sri Lanka.

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What's New

A new division was established

In 1935, a new division was established to examine forensic questioned documents, which was named as Government Questioned Document Division.

It is significant to note that the government analyst establishment was formed into a separate Government Department on July 1913. In 1940, the first Ceylonese Government Analyst Mr. W.R. Chanmugam was appointed.

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